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Note: All fields are required. Please enable javascript before begining your app. If you have any difficulty, feel free to contact an officer in-game.

Character Name:
Primary Spec:
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Email Address:
Additional Contact Info (alt names, bnet tag, discord, etc):
Email and contact info will be kept private and will not be displayed with your app. Please provide a valid email address that you check often, as this will be our primary means of contacting you regarding your app.

Why do you want to join Nevermore? What do you have to offer the guild?

Our current raid days are Thurs/Mon, 8:00pm to 11:00pm Eastern time. Do you have any conflicts with this schedule?

Describe your raiding experience. Include all Battle for Azeroth raids, and a summary of earlier expansions as applicable.

Describe your guild history. Please include all previous raiding guilds, and why you left (or why you want to leave) your current/most recent guild. Friend/casual guilds may be omitted.

Do you actively maintain any other specs for your class? If so, describe your gear/experience with each.

Link to a recent WarcraftLogs or similar parse. Please note that we are very unlikely consider any app (regardless of class/role) without a parse.

Tell us a bit about yourself personally. Your personality, interests outside of WoW, other games played, etc.